How to Apply

Sending your application to FMUSP

The exchange application for undergraduate students is entirely online, through our application system (called Mundus).

The student must contact the international office of his/her Home Instituition and ask them to send us a nomination via e-mail ( This first nomination consists in a single e-mail containing the student's name, his/her e-mail, exact period and the Institution's address. IMPORTANT: Only students from partner institutions can apply

Once our office receives this nomination, the student will receive an e-mail containing a link to Mundus platform and instructions to complete his/her application: fill out personal information, select courses and upload some documents.

The applications submitted will be analyzed by FMUSP International Office and forwarded to our Undergraduate Commission for evaluation in the following days after the deadline (around 30 days).

If the student is accepted, we are going to communicate the student and his/her home Institution and send the acceptance letter via e-mail. Nevertheless, the School can refuse the application according to its own criteria.

 Advanced issues found

Necessary documents - all these documents must be uploaded on Mundus Platform

    • Learning Agreement (download required model here), signed and stamped by an academic officer with authority to approve your student's exchange abroad;
  • Transcripts of Records (historic of disciplines undertaken by the students until the moment of the application with grades);
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Passport: personal data page;
  • Picture for Student Card in .jpg format (size: 3x3cm or 3x4cm).